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What is SAP Business One

One single integrated business management application for small to medium-sized enterprises.

SAP Business One is an accessible, easy-to-use business management software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. This system integrates working business functions for the whole company, including, among others, financial management, purchasing, sales, distribution, customer service management, eCommerce and inventory management..



It is a single application that eliminates the need for separate installations and the complicated integration of several modules. One of its most important and distinguishing features is that it offers integrated CRM functionality in marketing and sales thus providing full visibility into the client’s life cycle.

With the implementation of SAP Business One, small and medium-size enterprises improve their productivity, and acquire total control over the most important operations of the company. In an easy step you can have full access to updated and up-to-the-minute information of the company in order to respond to clients faster and make your business grow in a more profitable and sustainable way

Who SAP Business One is for

•  Verticals including retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and professional services.

•  Companies that are typically using a shrink-wrapped financial software package for their accounting needs, along with multiple other point solutions to manage specific business functions.


Top Ten Reasons For Choosing SAP Business One

1- Complete small-business essentials in a single system
The SAP® Business One application seamlessly integrates the entire business across financials, sales, customer relationships, and operations in one system, eliminating duplicate entries and errors.


2- Functionality that helps you keep your customers close
Businesses like yours can rely on SAP Business One to quickly track and access all customer contacts, records, and history to respond to customer needs faster and better than the competition.

3- Access to instant information for immediate action
SAP Business One keeps all business information in one place for instant access, enabling you to respond quickly to changing business needs

4- Application designed specifically for small and midsize businesses
Designed from the ground up, SAP Business One is an affordable, awarding-winning product that is quick to install, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

5- Decades of proven experience With SAP Business One
SAP brings decades of proven experience in serving leading companies worldwide to businesses like yours to help you achieve better results.


9- Backing from the people at SAP
SAP Business One is backed by SAP, the world’s leading business software provider.


6- Ability to grow with your business As your business grows
 SAP Business One can be flexibly configured to match your evolving business needs today and tomorrow

10- Software trusted by thousands of compaines around the world
SAP Business One is widely used and trusted by over 15,000 companies like yours around the world.

7- Wide range of industry-specific packages
SAP Business One is tailored to your type of business by combining core small-business fundamentals and additional functionality specific to your industry.

8- Local support by experienced resellers
SAP Business One is delivered and supported by certified local resellers that are knowledgeable about your business and responsive to your needs


POS On-line and Off-line:

Complete implementation of POS (point of sale terminal) developed with SAP SDK, which allows the management of tickets sales, orders, returns and collections with identification (for example, the type of card and dataphone), management of additional costs. In addition, it also allows you to manage the inventory of the store.

Off-line POS

Ideal solution for sites with unreliable communications. Performs the synchronization of an implementation of POS (point-of-sale terminal) to SAP Business One with the database of SAP Business One.

Day Hospitals

Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of this type of organizations, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector:

  • Management of clients and patients
  • Management of stays, diets and services (physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.).
  • Management of activities: admissions, visits, hospitalizations and discharges.
  • Management of spaces (rooms, consultations, etc.) and availability calendar.
  • Team, resources and personal management: doctors, nurses, therapist

Car Dealers

Complete management for car dealers that encompass commercial areas and sales,
post-sale and workshop, and management are:



  • CRM
  • Operational sales
  • Vehicles management
  • Sales Commissions
  • Own fleet managemen

After Sales

  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Guarantees
  • Sub-contracting
  • Parts

Security and surveillance

Solution designed to manage, in a holistic manner, the projects of the companies
dedicated to providing security and safety services covering the following aspects

  • Comprehensive definition of the master data of the projects (customer,address, contact person,etc.).
  • Economic control of the project (offered, income and expenses).
  • Allocation of resources and tasks to each project
  • Theoretical and real control of the hours assigned to each vigilant .
  • Control of the availability of each vigilant.

Path Management

Solution that allows you to manage routes of transport of goods with the following features:

  • Allocation to customers and their orders.
  • Ability to prioritize orders to be delivered on the same route.
  • To indicate the quantities of the delivery (multiple units of measure) for the expedition.
  • generation of the delivery notes according to the order specified.

    Radio frequency-warehouse management

    Solution for warehouse management that allows you to:

    • management with mobile devices of the PDA type or similar.
    • Allows you to perform the following operations:
    • Receiving of entries of purchases
    • Preparation of orders for customers (picking).
    • Monitoring of inventory.
    • Update of data in real time with SAP Business One


        Industry Solution designed to meet the needs of publishers or graphic arts. Complete description of the book with all the necessary information for its identification. Possibility of exporting data from new publications to databases such as Dilve.

        It allows you to manage and lead a full control of the budgets of editing by controlling both printing costs and other additional costs (translations, corrections, etc., ), allowing for each concept to analyze the anticipated and real costs so you can clearly see the economic viability of each project (edition).

        Liquidation process of copyright, possibility to parameterize the concepts of calculation (percentages, scaled, fixed amounts, etc.). Generation of clearance documents for the authors.